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I’m not responsible, I’m responsible.

The world today is inundated with cases of abduction, harassment, and molestation. Every day, we come across someone who has suffered sexual abuse. Be it a girl, a boy, an older person or a child, we suffer a sense of insecurity while walking on the streets, in an isolated area and even in crowded places.

RedSpot raises a voice against this insecurity. It is our “call for action” to uproot sexual abuse and create a healthy society.

Why RedSpot?

A person is victimized not because of the sexual abuse but the society’s reaction to it. The question is, even after being reminded time and again, why do we forget so easily? Even after the prevalence stringent laws, availability of self-help lines, this evil born is far from dying. Then how worthy are we as a society with our role-play?

Our campaign RedSpot wishes to piece together the fragmented society. It wants to end the stereotypical notions that enshroud our mind and deal with the problem to the crust.

How is RedSpot going to help?

RedSpot wants to deploy technology-enabled solution to fight the odds. We’ll mobilize the cause through awareness portals, events, and real-time stories of how technology has helped in the times of distress. We want to share and promote applications, making help available a click away!

We want to boast of a positive and trustworthy society, where He and She are treated equally and nobody is scared of none!

Nevertheless, the question still lies in society. Strengthen our campaign with your involvement.

I pledge to change. Do you?

The vision of MASH Project is to build a community of technology enabled social change makers.

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