I am just a mouthpiece to the story of this brave survivor. “For years I was tortured where I worked as a maid. Every day I was stripped and raped even beaten suiting the whims of the landlord. I started working at a house at the age of twenty-two after leaving my husband who was a tippler. To meet the ends and support my family I worked as a full time maid at my landlord’s house. After his wife left for office, he once approached me with money. On refusing he showed my nude pictures on his cell phone and threatened me to turn me out of the house and society, labelling me as a prostitute. In fear I succumbed to his interests and every single day I was raped, stripped and was even made to walk around the house naked. He offered me money from time to time but I kept refusing. I broke my silence when he asked me to bring my sixteen year old daughter once so that he could find a job for her. Disgusted and angry I left the job and house. The fear of losing my dignity in the society left me at the mercy of a vicious monster. ”

It’s the willingness to share that can bring about a change. Share your story!http://mashglobal.org/redspot/
‪#‎ICanProtectMyself‬ ‪#‎RedSpot‬


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