I ran as hard as I could, hoping that I’d make that train on the Inderlok platform before the doors closed. There was another girl who had just gotten off from that train & was rushing to get to the other platform. Accidentally we bumped into each other really hard & and I grabbed her arm instantly so that she didn’t fall or hit the pole and hurt herself. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting her to thank me or anything but… “Tameez nhi hai? Dekh ke nhi chala jata? Bloody cheapos!” Well that was surely uncalled for. Thank god for sending an elderly man as my angel who convinced her that I was actually trying to help and my intentions were ‘not bad’ I escaped that unfortunate situation. Girls, not all men are the same so it would help the society if you broadened your thinking & perspective.

It’s the willingness to share that can bring about a change. Share your story!http://mashglobal.org/redspot/
‪#‎ICanProtectMyself‬ ‪#‎RedSpot‬


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