I was going to my house from my school when I sensed a couple of guys right on my tracks. At first I thought it was a mere coincidence but when after 2km of walking around, they were behind me in my local market as well, that’s when I got scared & called up my elder brother. I remember him saying, “Dont think. Just run” & somehow get to a place nearby where my brother was going to get his car ASAP. At this time I was running as fast as I could & was breathing heavily too. I could hear those guys running behind me and saying offensive slurs. Thankfully, I got there and my brother was waiting there for me. I got in the car and we zoomed off as fast as possible. Today, every now & then I wonder when will this nation change to be worthy of the name ‘sone Ki chidiya’.

It’s the willingness to share that can bring about a change. Share your story!
#ICanProtectMyself #RedSpot


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