I was at Ashok Park Metro Station, when I saw a girl, probably in her college years being bothered by a ‘romeo’. I didn’t hesitate even a bit to go over to her & ask her about what was up. She disapproved of all his actions, said that she didn’t even know him and that the guy had been following her for the last half hour. This conversation caught the attention of another guy standing right next to us and so he intervened and offered to escort her to the front of the platform. While this happened, Mr. Romeo had now started abusing me and bhaiya. We tried ignoring him to the best of our abilities & the three of us started walking. It was then that Romeo tried to nudge bhaiya aside and gave him a hard push. This was our saturation point as we had had a pretty intense argument with Romeo all this while and quite frankly we were really agitated. But still, we kept our calm and kept walking though I was expecting that bhaiya would have punched him smack in his face when he pushed him. Next, he hit me with his elbow on my head and THAT.WAS.IT. I turned and without giving it even the slightest thought had a swing right at his face. He was left stunned from the blow whereas I realized that he was surely going to retaliate next. But that never happened as the security guards, bhaiya and the public got hold of him and the next thing we knew was that he was being escorted off the station…dragged rather. Moral of the story… No matter if you’re scared or if you’re unaware of the consequences, just be daring enough to follow your gut feeling and do the right thing! It might even end up saving someone from.. Well, something bad. Be the change you want to see around you. Cheers guys!

t’s the willingness to share that can bring about a change. Share your story!http://mashglobal.org/redspot/
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