I have seen a lot of faces cringe at the very thought of traveling in a DTC bus and they have given me a truckload advice for the same. But even after 2 years of traveling via bus I have not been able to use a single advice given to me before. But one day when i got off from that bus one decent looking person followed me. He started the conversation by asking about the route and later on he confessed to me that he had taken that bus instead of his car only for getting a chance to talk to me and of how he thought that he should atleast try and take a step. Although he asked for my name and number but being a little wary of strangers I didnt tell him any of those. Nor did he ask for it again. He gave me his number and I took it. At that point I took it for the sake of ending the conversation. And now when people tell me that you should have ignored him completely, I feel sorry for them. With the decency that he showed me not only while asking for my name but even afterwards by not pestering me for my name and number or simply by following me again, I think he deserved an answer and I am glad that i did not just blindly move along my way.

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